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Healing Relationships: Trauma-Informed Therapy for Lasting Love and Connection


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Cutting-Edge Complex Trauma Treatment for Couples and Adults Seeking Authentic and Empowering Relationships.




Healing Complex Trauma Together

Free Yourself from Emotional Landmines & Thrive in Your Relationships

You deserve to experience safe, authentic connections in your relationships, free from the grip of past traumas.

Unresolved childhood trauma can create emotional landmines that damage even the strongest relationships, leaving you feeling disconnected, alone and insecured.

It’s time to take control of your present and start living a life beyond mere existence.

By taking the courageous step towards healing, you can break free from the cycle of pain and dysfunction and create a happier, healthier future together.

Make the critical shift to break the cycle of hurt and start living the life you deserve.

Don’t let past traumas dictate your present – take action now to cultivate authentic connections and start truly living.

If you can relate to any of these experiences, I am here to support you.

Dysregulated Nervous System

Reclaim your emotional well-being by learning to calm your nervous system, building confidence in your relationships, and creating a more fulfilling life. Let me guide you in harnessing this power and taking charge of your emotional health for a happier, more empowered you.


Toxic Shame and Guilt

Together, we can work to free you from the grip of toxic shame and guilt. We’ll explore the roots of these emotions and develop strategies to help you let go of them. With time and effort, you can break free from the burden of shame and guilt and rediscover your worth and self-love.

A Harsh Inner Critic

Imagine how freeing it would be to quiet that nagging inner voice that tells you that you’re not good enough. By overcoming your vicious inner critic, you can improve your self-worth, and self-esteem, and feel more positive and confident about yourself.  Let’s work together to break free from negative self-talk and rediscover your full potential.

Codependent Toxic Relationships

Toxic codependent relationships can be a harmful cycle that often goes unnoticed until the damage has been done. By recognizing the red flags and taking steps to break the cycle, you can regain your power and find healthy and safe connections.

Struggling to Trust & Feel Secure

If you find it challenging to trust and accept love, even after reassurances from your loved ones, you’re not alone. Past trauma or heartbreak may be the reason, but it’s possible to heal and grow. With the right tools and support, you can regain trust, build stronger connections, and open yourself up to a world of love and fulfillment. Let’s work together towards achieving that.

Fear of Abandonment

If you have been struggling with abandonment wounds, know that healing is possible. You can learn to feel secure within yourself and in your relationships with others by working through past pain and developing healthy coping mechanisms. With dedication and support, you can move towards a more fulfilling and secure future.


How We Can Work Together

Find Your Center: Empowerment and Connection Through Trauma-Informed Therapy

EFT Couple Therapy

Transform your relationship and break the cycle of hurt caused by past traumas. With EFT Couple Therapy, you can make a critical shift and cultivate deeper, more fulfilling connections. Take the first step towards a happier, healthier future together


Individual Therapy

Don’t let your out-of-control emotions hold you back any longer. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, or relationship issues, I’m here to help you find the peace, love, and confidence you deserve. Let’s work together to get you feeling your best again


Trauma Coaching

Looking to transform your life and relationships after trauma? Our coaching services provide personalized support to help you break free from emotional landmines, develop self-awareness and build healthy connections that leave you feeling empowered and fulfilled.


Every Path Is Unique

We Begin Where You Are

“Healing from trauma is not only about recovering from the past, but also about reclaiming your present and building a fulfilling future in which you can live, thrive, and  authentically connect with yourself and others.”

If you or your partner are struggling to feel truly alive, you’re not alone.

Traumatic experiences can leave you feeling emotionally numb and disconnected, making it difficult to engage with the world around you.

It’s common to feel like you’re just going through the motions, existing rather than truly living life to the fullest.

Your loved ones may not fully understand what you’re going through, or they might sense that something is wrong.

But there is hope. You don’t have to keep suffering in silence or pretend nothing is wrong.

As an experienced trauma therapist and coach, my goal is to give you the tools, skills, and resilience you need to break free from the emotional landmines of unresolved trauma and its lingering effects.

Let’s work together to cultivate self-agency, resilience, and authentic connections. Create a life where you can thrive from a grounded center.

Here’s How to Get Started

Ready to take the first step towards a calmer and happier you?

Let me help! Getting started is easier than you think.



Let’s connect and kickstart your journey toward this transformative experience. Schedule a free consultation call via my online calendar or give me a call at 646.881.4608. Let’s make it happen!



During our initial phone consultation, we’ll explore the challenges you’re facing and how we can work together to overcome them. It’s a chance for us to get to know each other and start building a supportive and empowering relationship.



During our initial session, we’ll work together to figure out how complex trauma is still affecting your life and relationships. I’ll meet you where you are and provide a safe space for us to work together toward your healing journey.

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